Thursday, January 20, 2011

I MiSs HiM

Already 2.30am..
I still can't sleep..
Keep thinking of him..

I Miss Him..
Get well soon sayang..
I love u more than yu know..

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


20.01.2011.. its my papa's birthday..
Happy Birthday Papa.. in advance.. hee..
Emm tmorow maybe celebrate kecik2 je kowt.. just a simple dinner..
Tpi boleh plak aku yg request nk mkn ikan bakar.. my favvy~ hee..
So tmorow nite maybe smua join.. mama, kak ina, anis, aunty zie, papa ( of coz ), n me.. :D mestilaa aku kena ada.. klau x, xmeriah dinner mlm tu.. heee~

Actually, dinner sok maybe dinner yg last sama2 ngn family..
Yelaa maybe on friday ill going to KL.. but not decide yet.. either friday or saturday..~
oh my.. feels like i wanna crying now..
Sedihh woooo.. huk2..
Klau dulu g blajar lain, ni pegi keja.. tah bila aku leh blik trg jmpa papa n mama lgi.. 
Hopefully everything will be good.. for me and family.. insyaAllah~

And to my bestie aka my angel of my life.. Fazrina Hazirah..
I will miss u.. faz kwan terbaik ayu dunia akhirat.. InsyaAllah~
Actually meh aku story skit psal dia.. heee..
Faz ni sbnarnya byk persamaan ngn aku.. dri segi rupa, tingkah laku, pertuturan, cara pemikiran, n everything laa.. tp for sure ayah n mak lain2.. heee
Thats y aku rs selesa n tenang bila jmpa dia.. nk2 time cite msalah kat dia.. mmg dia akn dgr n nasihat balik kt aku..
Pendek kata dia mmg best n baik.. plus cantik.. :)
(faz make sure hidung jgn kembang k?) haha..

Naa ni gambar dia.. tgklaa.. hee.. satu je ckuplaaa..~ xley byk2.. 


Activate back~

Hye..:) me come back.. after all, i think i cant afford my self to stop blogging..
feel like incomplete coz i like writing damn much even i knw its not even good at all..~ but nvm..

Well ive story to share with u guys~
its about WORKK... ~ yesss workingg..
to be frank, im not that ready to work and become a worker!! arghhh..
but i have to.. i cant just sit at home, look and wait what will happened next..
so whatever it is i have to work.. further study?? maybe not at this time.. 
many of my friends said that work is much more stress n pressure more than we thought.. 
is that true??
it makes me think twice to work.. am i ready to work?? am i ready to accept all the criticsm? am i ready with the new environment? new people? new friends?? am i strong enough??
nobody can answer my question rite.. only me knw the answer.. yes only me..

Hopefullt everything will going easy n smoothly this upcoming monday.. insyaAllah..
Nervous? absolutely true..
Excited? of course
Cant wait? yupp, especially for my 1st salary..
Ya Allah permudahkanlah segalanyaa.. insyaAllah..