Saturday, December 18, 2010

A very special dinner..

Morning everyone.. :)
Hopefully today will be a gracious day with full of happiness and joyfull.. InsyaAllah..

Last nite I'm just had my very special dinner with my love one..
Even its just a simple dinner but I has enjoyed damn much..
Tq for bring me there sayang..
Emm time dinner tu byklaa perkara yg kitorng borak..
As usual laa he will make jokes as he can.. hahahaha.. 
And me? Im just loughing every moment and second.. 
Every words that comes from u always a jokes.. (sometimes)
But people will not recognize u when u getting mad.. (fuhh aku sdri takut).. xdpt nk byg~~
And u noe what sayang..? Even ur jokes sometimes xmsuk akal but benda2 cmnilaa wat aku selalu happy dan senyum.. 
U always trying to makes me happy.. and YES, Im so happy to become one special part in ur life.. :)
Even perbezaan umur kita agak jauh but it doesnt mean that I cant love u rite..??
I know people always keep talking about us but I dont care..
I beleive that Allah know what is the best for His servant.. and aku anggap ni mungkin takdir aku.. aku redha.. 
And alhamdullilah we are still together for 6years rite.. ;) 
Even terlalu banyak sgt dugaan tp alhamdulillah jugak kita berjaya hadapi smua tu..
Prince of my heart

Dan harini he will be back to KL.. :(
Plzz dun leave me sayang.. :(
Im still need u here..
But whatver pun, Im always pray for u..
May u have a safe journey today my dear..
My doa always be with u.. Amin.. ~

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Congrats for all Master students..

Noon everybody.. yess its Friday n nothing much I can do.. wake up n bought some food for lunch.. :) 
Today bukak fb then baca status kwn2 yg dpat smbung Master.. Congrats everybody.. 
Thats all I can say.. :) (rugi plak xapply.. hahaha.. xpelaa)....
Being a student sbnrnya lagi bestt dari menjadi seorang pekerja yg ada majikan.. hehe
InsyaAllah kalau da kerja nti aku nak wat part time for Master.. just now seeking for the job bcoz experience is very important..
We know how to deal with people, how to handle and managed problems well, how to communicate, know the current issues since im in tourism field.. yess all this is very important especially when we have job interview.. its look easy but its tough actually.. arghhh.. 
For now aku harap aku dpat keja yg bersesuaian and dapat bnyk pengalaman.. 
Being a student for 5years teach me alot.. ive learn many things.. after SPM, aku msuk Multimedia College, KL.. Tulaa first time aku berjauhan ngn family.. Sedih, mlas, xsuka smua ada.. tp niat nak smbung blaja membuatkan aku kuat dan bersemangat.. tp sayang sbb aku dapat belajar ctu untuk 3bulan je.. 
Lpas tu aku dpat offer letter smbung blajar kat UiTM.. Aku xnak!!
Tp disbbkan mama aku suruh, aku terpaksa.. Aku mintak pendapat smua lecturer2 aku kat kolej tu n smua suruh aku smbung kat UiTM.. sbb UiTM lebih menjamin masa depan.. 
Masa tu Tuhan je tau perasaan aku.. syg sgt nak tggal kolej, kawan2, lecturer sbb bljar kt ctu mmg fun and seronok sgt.. 
Time nak tggalkan kolej tu mmg sedih yg teramat sbb byk kenangan kt ctu even 3bulan je.. suka, duka, smua aku luahkan kat ctu.. :( 
Kwn2 kat kolej tu is the best.. I miss all those thing.. 

Smpailah aku msuk UiTM.. 
1st time register, aku da xsuka.. environment lain, kwn2 lain n smua lain laa..
Tp aku kuatkan semangat sbb aku tau bukan senang nk msuk UiTM..
Org lain berebut nk msuk, so I take this as my best oppurtunity.. ;)
Alhamdulillah, akhirnya aku berjaya jadi seorang pelajar UiTM selama 5tahun..
Aku berjaya mengenggam segulung diploma dan ijazah(xknvo lgi).. hehehe~
Tq mama, lecturer MMC, lecturer UiTM, kwn2 MMC, UiTM for all ur best support..
And special thanks to Syed Shukran.. I love u.. :)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Morning.. :)
Supposed pagi2 ni smbung tdow but mcm xley tdow.. hoho..
So I think its better to me to keep updating my blog.. Blogging time** :D yuhuuuu~
Well today actually rs happy semacam.. haha.. U guys noe wut?? my Mr.S is here!! He is in Trg rite now.. waaa excited gle ni.. 
Cant wait to see him todayy.. awwww.. hahaha.. 
Tq baby.. I Love u..
Ermm tp Trg xtau nak lepak mana.. Mall? movie? hmm.. jgn haraplaa kan~
Xpelaa as long dpat jmpa yg tersayang.. haha

Oklaaa.. yg tu je kot nak bgtaw.. hahaha..
Will update later~ 
Love u.. mwahhxx!


Hyee peepss..~ sowryy for not keeping up with updates.. :) Its been a crazy week with nothing to do.. hahaha.. Well im still seeking for the jobs n try to find the right one.. Its quite tough.. :( Today activities is nothing.. Just went to see my bestie.. Her nama is Ina or I called her Na.. hehe.. Tqsm for the lunch.. Happy plus excited when meeting u today.. Its remind me when we both register un UiTM Melaka.. Never thought that my roomate also from Trganu n am lucky to have u as my roomate.. hahaha.. Ohh its reminds me alot.. Even our relation become worst at the end but we try to managed it kan.. Im just forgot all the pass that happened between us.. Its just a bad memories to remember.. People change rite.. so do I.. n yes Im feel better now.. ;))