Saturday, December 18, 2010

A very special dinner..

Morning everyone.. :)
Hopefully today will be a gracious day with full of happiness and joyfull.. InsyaAllah..

Last nite I'm just had my very special dinner with my love one..
Even its just a simple dinner but I has enjoyed damn much..
Tq for bring me there sayang..
Emm time dinner tu byklaa perkara yg kitorng borak..
As usual laa he will make jokes as he can.. hahahaha.. 
And me? Im just loughing every moment and second.. 
Every words that comes from u always a jokes.. (sometimes)
But people will not recognize u when u getting mad.. (fuhh aku sdri takut).. xdpt nk byg~~
And u noe what sayang..? Even ur jokes sometimes xmsuk akal but benda2 cmnilaa wat aku selalu happy dan senyum.. 
U always trying to makes me happy.. and YES, Im so happy to become one special part in ur life.. :)
Even perbezaan umur kita agak jauh but it doesnt mean that I cant love u rite..??
I know people always keep talking about us but I dont care..
I beleive that Allah know what is the best for His servant.. and aku anggap ni mungkin takdir aku.. aku redha.. 
And alhamdullilah we are still together for 6years rite.. ;) 
Even terlalu banyak sgt dugaan tp alhamdulillah jugak kita berjaya hadapi smua tu..
Prince of my heart

Dan harini he will be back to KL.. :(
Plzz dun leave me sayang.. :(
Im still need u here..
But whatver pun, Im always pray for u..
May u have a safe journey today my dear..
My doa always be with u.. Amin.. ~

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Congrats for all Master students..

Noon everybody.. yess its Friday n nothing much I can do.. wake up n bought some food for lunch.. :) 
Today bukak fb then baca status kwn2 yg dpat smbung Master.. Congrats everybody.. 
Thats all I can say.. :) (rugi plak xapply.. hahaha.. xpelaa)....
Being a student sbnrnya lagi bestt dari menjadi seorang pekerja yg ada majikan.. hehe
InsyaAllah kalau da kerja nti aku nak wat part time for Master.. just now seeking for the job bcoz experience is very important..
We know how to deal with people, how to handle and managed problems well, how to communicate, know the current issues since im in tourism field.. yess all this is very important especially when we have job interview.. its look easy but its tough actually.. arghhh.. 
For now aku harap aku dpat keja yg bersesuaian and dapat bnyk pengalaman.. 
Being a student for 5years teach me alot.. ive learn many things.. after SPM, aku msuk Multimedia College, KL.. Tulaa first time aku berjauhan ngn family.. Sedih, mlas, xsuka smua ada.. tp niat nak smbung blaja membuatkan aku kuat dan bersemangat.. tp sayang sbb aku dapat belajar ctu untuk 3bulan je.. 
Lpas tu aku dpat offer letter smbung blajar kat UiTM.. Aku xnak!!
Tp disbbkan mama aku suruh, aku terpaksa.. Aku mintak pendapat smua lecturer2 aku kat kolej tu n smua suruh aku smbung kat UiTM.. sbb UiTM lebih menjamin masa depan.. 
Masa tu Tuhan je tau perasaan aku.. syg sgt nak tggal kolej, kawan2, lecturer sbb bljar kt ctu mmg fun and seronok sgt.. 
Time nak tggalkan kolej tu mmg sedih yg teramat sbb byk kenangan kt ctu even 3bulan je.. suka, duka, smua aku luahkan kat ctu.. :( 
Kwn2 kat kolej tu is the best.. I miss all those thing.. 

Smpailah aku msuk UiTM.. 
1st time register, aku da xsuka.. environment lain, kwn2 lain n smua lain laa..
Tp aku kuatkan semangat sbb aku tau bukan senang nk msuk UiTM..
Org lain berebut nk msuk, so I take this as my best oppurtunity.. ;)
Alhamdulillah, akhirnya aku berjaya jadi seorang pelajar UiTM selama 5tahun..
Aku berjaya mengenggam segulung diploma dan ijazah(xknvo lgi).. hehehe~
Tq mama, lecturer MMC, lecturer UiTM, kwn2 MMC, UiTM for all ur best support..
And special thanks to Syed Shukran.. I love u.. :)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Morning.. :)
Supposed pagi2 ni smbung tdow but mcm xley tdow.. hoho..
So I think its better to me to keep updating my blog.. Blogging time** :D yuhuuuu~
Well today actually rs happy semacam.. haha.. U guys noe wut?? my Mr.S is here!! He is in Trg rite now.. waaa excited gle ni.. 
Cant wait to see him todayy.. awwww.. hahaha.. 
Tq baby.. I Love u..
Ermm tp Trg xtau nak lepak mana.. Mall? movie? hmm.. jgn haraplaa kan~
Xpelaa as long dpat jmpa yg tersayang.. haha

Oklaaa.. yg tu je kot nak bgtaw.. hahaha..
Will update later~ 
Love u.. mwahhxx!


Hyee peepss..~ sowryy for not keeping up with updates.. :) Its been a crazy week with nothing to do.. hahaha.. Well im still seeking for the jobs n try to find the right one.. Its quite tough.. :( Today activities is nothing.. Just went to see my bestie.. Her nama is Ina or I called her Na.. hehe.. Tqsm for the lunch.. Happy plus excited when meeting u today.. Its remind me when we both register un UiTM Melaka.. Never thought that my roomate also from Trganu n am lucky to have u as my roomate.. hahaha.. Ohh its reminds me alot.. Even our relation become worst at the end but we try to managed it kan.. Im just forgot all the pass that happened between us.. Its just a bad memories to remember.. People change rite.. so do I.. n yes Im feel better now.. ;))

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Birthday a.k.a Dinner♡♡

TQ papa for dinner and cakes.. really2 appreciated it..~ da lama xmkn cake.. heee  :))
TQ jugak kt cikzie(papa's wife) coz belikan cake untuk aku.. :)) tq both of u.. n dinner td sgt2 sedap.. da lama xmkan sekali ngn papa kan.. happy tgk mama n papa dpt borak sama2, mkn sama2, bercerita, even diorng dah divorced.. n mama pun ok dgn papa's wife.. im happy for yaa..  hope we can be one big happy family.. :) i really2 miss a happy family like bfore.. xpelah xnak story byk2, nti sedihh.. hahaha.. yg penting aku dikelilingi dgn org2 yg menyayangi aku.. terutama sekali sayang aku.. ~
Syed Shukran Sy. Muhammad... he's the one yg selalu wat aku gelak, ketawa, sedih.. n smua dia laa.. aku akui aku kurang kasih sayang from papa, tp bila dia tiba dlm hidup aku, its just like everything completed.. i knew nobodys was perfect and im never ever blamed my daddy for what he had done to my mom.. everybody makes mistakes right.. everything happened da ditentukan Tuhan.. aku terima seadanya.. Tq sayang for this 6years.. I Love U so muchh.. U completed mylife.. ;) without u maybe im not strong enough.. i can feel how lucky am i to have u sayang.. 
wah 2am already.. maw tdur dlu yaa.. nyte smua.. ;) mimpi indah.. 


Bru td dapat call from Thaj Travel for interview.. but i cant make it since i was in Trganu.. :(
its ok then coz S ckap doesnt matter coz byk lgi travel agency yg still available.. kwn2 dia yg keja travel pun rmai.. nk keja bila2 masa pun bole.. actually mmg laa aku nk sgt keja tp bila pkir blik btul gk apa S ckap.. xpayah nak rushing sgt.. lgpun result pun lom kuar agi.. so enjoy laa dlu.. mama pun bg pendapat yg sama.. mama ckp xyah lagilaa sbb mama boleh bg makan lgi.. ofcoz la ma, tp other things?? makan xyah ckaplaa.. hahaha.. demand lak.. tp its oklaa.. just rest2 dlu kt umah.. lgpun xsmpai sebulan agi duk umah.. xpuas nak manja2 ngn mama.. hahaha..~ so pk punya pk, aku rasa aku tolak dlu laa interview esk.. but i will call Thaj Travel to reconfirm back..  sorry En. Basheer.. ;)) 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Salam Aidiladha

Salam Aidiladha untuk smua followers n sape2 jelaa yg terbaca blog ni..
dis year raya kat s.alam.. for the 1st time raya kt cni.. but still happy coz dpt raya dgn si dia.. :) plus wany ada temankan aku kt cni.. tq so much to both of u.. love u so much.. 
wany.... aku akan sgt2 merindui kau lpas ni.. dgn sape aku nak bergurau, mengata, sakat, kalau bukan kau.. :( xtawlaa bila boleh jmpa ngn kau lgi.. sedihnyeee... tq sbb jaga aku selama ni.. aku syg kau sgt2.. :(( nangis lagi.. hadoiiiiiiiiiiii~ hate this!!!! tonite will be the last nite dpt spent time dgn kau.. tdur ngn kau.. mengata kau.. lpas ni mungkin kita dah buat haluan masing2 kan.. aku nk kau tau aku sgt syg kat kau.. kau kwn yg phm aku selama ni..

naa ni gambar raya td.. enjoyy~

YM Syed Shukran Sy. Muhammad Al-Idrus

Monday, November 15, 2010

finishing school.. yeayy

salam semua.. :)
Module Session
today was a very2 bad day for me.. need to wake up early.. n need to attend finishing school.. mmg best sgt..(dlm hati xpun actually) hehehe.. xpela since it was my last module kan.. lpas ni da xleh attend da benda2 cmni sbb after this no more student life.. so selagi ada program cmni better enjoy je laa.. happy ke, bosan ke, malas ke, its not the point.. hahaha.. ye2 je aku.. kekekeke~ but it was an awesome session which lots of info ive gained.. how to prepare ourself when interview, how to answer question, how to managed ourself in front of interviewer,what costume is suitable,what to bring when interview, etc.. its quite interesting since ive no experience on it.. so i take it as an opportunity to make myself better.. insyaAllah.. hope to find good job later.. :)

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Lately ni sgt2 sedih.. xtahulaa knp.. nak tggalkan kwn2, nak tggalkan uitm.. nak tggalkan s.alam.. n nk tggalkan rumah ni.. 2tahun duk cni rasa mcm da rumah sdiri.. rumah nilaa tmpat ku berteduh dri hujan dan panas... syukur sbb dikurniakan housemate yg ok even aku xrapat sgt dgn diorang.. :)

Today activity..~

1. bngun pkul 1pm.. at first da bgun awl but then tgk wany tdo mcm best je.. aku pn ape lgi continue laa blik tdo.. fuhh best.. hahaha

2. siap2 g makan.. together with wany n her boyfie.. tq raffan coz blanja makan td.. :) kalau taw ambik lauk lebih skit td.. hahaha.. :D

3. siap makan, trus balik umah.. smpai umah mmg xde org la kan.. sorang2 lagi.. kak lyn pegi PD.. ermm xpelaa lgpun daa biasa sowang2..

4. smpai umah trus mandi n on9.. tgh2 on9 kt bwh ni.. tbe2......... dtglaa 2org laki bg salam.. cuak kot.. dalaa aku bukak pintu.. daa org bg salam aku pn jwblaa salam smbil mengintai kat grill pintu tu.. diorang pn tanya sape owner umah ni.. aku plak tbe2 hilang ingatan ckp ntahlaa.. xingat.. hahaha.. (dlm hati takut sbnarnya)hahaha.. then aku tanyalaa knape.. 'diorang pn bgtawlaa yg diorang nk sewa umah ni sem dpn..' cisss ingatkan ape laaa td... tp bukan ke owner umah aku da nak ambik umah ni.. means da xleh sewa.. hmm pape jelaa kak zai.. yg penting bil letrik umah ni kitorng mmg xbayar... hahahahaha...

5. n skarang ni on9 jelaaa keja aku.. smbil tggu MR.S smpai... xtawlaaa kul brape... 

Saturday, November 13, 2010


OMG.. someday ill miss yu girlsss.. :( new life and new chpter begins after this.. but hopefully it will not be the last.. tq for always being here for me.. n tq jugak sbb layan smua kerenah2 yg kdg2 menyakitkan hati.. to wany, klyn n mimie.. tq for everything.. hope kta akan jumpa lgi lpas ni.. insyaAllah.. sayang korang smua..

Friday, November 12, 2010

Its been a while..

Assalamualaikum.. da lama sgt rasanya xupdate blog ni.. lately ni busy sgt.. now bru lepas dri segala seksaan dan penderitaan.. syukur alhamdulillah ya Allah.. akhirnya aku berjaya menamatkan pengajianku selama 5tahun di UiTM.. yaa rasa bngga jugak sbb aku smpai di tahap sekarang.. Alhamdulillah.. :) Hopefully i will pass all the subject n can be UiTM Alumni for the 2nd time.. 

Tapi dlm masa yg sama rasa sedih n sayu sgt nak tinggalkan UiTM, kwn2 susah n senang, lecturer2 yg sudi bagi tunjuk ajar.. It will be my precious moment in my life.. from 18 to 23 being students of UiTM, it teach me a lot.. so much experience ive got here.. tq UiTM.. UiTM dihatiku.. im proud to be ur Alumni.. :) forever 

And paling sedih sbb terpaksa berjauhan dgn org yg sgt aku sayang.. Syed Shukran Sy. Muhammad.. dear, u know how much i love u.. how much i need u in mylife.. how u treat me, how u smile, how u touch my hand, how u trying to make me smile, how u deliver ur jokes to me, how u taking care of me for almost 6years, how u trying not making me sad, how u want to see me happy, and how u look at me with full of love, i can see in ur eyes.. all these will be my best memories in my life.. would be the one that i will not forgot.. would be something that would be remembered always.. almost a nite u come here, going out with u, spent time with u.. I will miss all this.. seriously.. :'(( im crying now.. oh my.. im too missing and loving u sayang.. :'((

IF U READ THIS, I WANT U TO KNOW THAT I LOVE U SO MUCH.. nothing would change my love to u..

Thursday, October 07, 2010


fuhh.. now i can smile.. :)
presentation td oklaa.. even it have mistakes but its ok..
nsib lecturer baik hrini..
just 3presenter today coz yg sorang lgi tu demam..
so nk xnk aku kena present part dia..
report submission?? of coz la budak yg xdtg tu kena siapkan..
fair la kan..nexweek just got 1 more presentation..
n stdy leave.. how time flies kan?? tup2 nak grad da aku..
alhamdulillah aku berjaya hbiskan degree ni..insyaAllah..:)
susah payah aku selama ni xlama lagi akan berakhir..
n again, im become UiTM alumni.. glad to be UiTM students..lots of thing ive learnt here.. frends,life,ups n down,backstabber..yeaa it have own silver lining maybe..hope to end up all this with smile..")

mama,papa..thnx coz always support me..
n my very appreciated all things that uve done to me..since from diploma untill now..u always be my side..always gives a full support according my problems..frens especially..n almost 6years..u be with me..u makes me feel so special in the world..u cheer up mylife n every moment u make me feel so special..i love yu so much..n i want u to be my special one in mylife..insyaAllah..amin..

Wednesday, October 06, 2010


hrini sakit perut yg amat.. senggugut..:( cannot concentrate in class..
lecturer ckp pun dgr xdgr je smpai lecturer pelik tgk aku..
tmorrow have one presentation.. law.. arghhh quite nervous..
buat jelaa mana yg mampu..

ok nak mandi.. daaa~

Monday, October 04, 2010

presentation practice~

now ngah nak practice for my presentation dis coming thursday..
quite nervous sbb lecturer strict n bnyk comment..hahaha..
wish me luck okay..
hye.. today activities

1. wake up at 11am n goin to pick up my cousin for lunch..

2. went to SACC Mall.. i buy perfume for RM112.. quite cheap rite..??hahaha..of coz laa coz aku beli botol yg paling kecik kowt..hahaha..first nak beli vincci slippers but xde yg cantik..;( so untuk tidak menghampakan perasaan aku sdiri, aku beli laa perfume.. kecik pun kecik laa.. tp comel taw.. love it..:)

3. after that, hntar cousin p klas.. about 3pm aku smpai umah..

4. smpai umah trus cek email.. nk compile asgments.. tp geram gle kat group members aku ni.. ade ke dia send 2pages jew..?? wtf!!! ko ni budak darjah berapa wat 2pages je? come on laa dont expect that people will continue ur work!! ngn contoh xbagi.. setakat bg point cmtu baik aku je wat..xdela nk ckpa aku bgus tp pklaa..we are degree students.. what lecturer expect from final year student?? plss laa.. kalau xtau nak mencarut apa, bglaa atleast one example.. it could be nice kan..sigh..tahlaaa..nak marah lebih2 bkn aku lecturer.. so memandangkan aku yg compile keja2 diorng ni, aku laa yg kena wat apa yg kurang.. sbr jelaaa~

5. after sume siap,nak print laa...alih2 printer da xde ink..apalaa malang nasib aku aku bergegas laa p cc nak print..smpai cc abg yg jaga cc tu cam lembap pulak kan...adoiii.. mmg hari malang aku hrini.. tp xpe,alhamdulillah smua da selesai n da siap print..lega xterkata..kekekeke~

6. dlm kul 5 smpai umah.. n now bru dpt rest..


Sunday, October 03, 2010

*big sigh*

its almost 1am..still cant sleep well..
too many asgmentss to do n need to submit dis week..arghh~
tension?sress?depressed?emotional? yaa thats wut i feel now.. i wanna scream!!!!
tp salah aku kowt..sape suro wat last minute kan.. 
below are my asgments n tests dat need to be done dis week..

wednesday: marketing report submission, food service presentation

thursday: law presentation, sustainable individual submission

friday: sustainable test n seminar.. 

amacam? best kan? hehehe..oklaa nak continue buat asgment.. nk tdo mmg xleh laa kan..

Saturday, October 02, 2010

oohh final~

sedar xsedar da nak final daa..OMG~
aku xstdy ape pun lgi..
since this is my final year, of coz aku nak score kan..
kalau bole biarla grad ngn 3pointer n above..
naa ni jadual exam aku..

25 Oct 2010 Foodservice Organization 2.15-5.15
28 Oct 2010 Tourism Quality Mgt 2.15-5.15
1 Nov 2010 Sustainable Tourism 9.00-12.00
4 Nov 2010 Foodservice Law 2.12-5.15
10 Nov 2010 Tourism Marketing 2.15-5.15

plus 12nov aku ade presentation IS..waaaa nervous.. pls pray for me..

smile or crying..?

hmm hye peeps..
oh GOD..i am so stressful..y this happened to me??
i donne whether its good things for me or not..pls gives me some direction..:(
i just wanna cry just now..
teardrops everywhere n evrytime..
i wanna hug u mom..i just need ur heart is so hurt..
if u can hear my hearts cry..
i just need someone shoulder to cry on..

Knapa perlu tipu aku??

knapa tipu ayu lgi?apa salah ayu??


hrini kuar shopping with my cuzzie since my bf didnt come today..~so i think better i went out n chill with my cuzzie rite..
can u guys see the picture above..?nice kan..i like it too much..u now how much the price?its just cost u RM250..not too expensive i think..DKNY beb!! OMG!! anyone can buy it for me plsss.. gle suke.. pink plak yg malas kuar g shopping ni..mesti ade je benda nak beli n da beli short pants..RM99.. then beli purse GUESS.. RM120~ murah kan.. design lama kot mmglaa murah~ hrini da blanja brapa da..xkan nak beli jam ni lgi kan..mkn pasir laa aku sukeeeeeee gle jam ni..maybe sbb harga xmahal sgt kowt so cam rasa mampu je nak bukan dlm masa terdekat ni laaa~hehehehe..

sayangg...plz buy it for me..for my BIRHTDAYYY~~ PLEASEEEE... :(

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Today..?? emm :(

todayy..? what comes in ur mind when u read my tittle above..? heee~
unpredictable..? hmm..
actually hrini nak blik s.alam daaaa~:( sedey laa sgt kn.. tp mmg aku sedey pown..xpelaa..its ok then since this is my final year..end of this year hbislaaa..sbar okay ayu..'tp dlm masa yg sama happy gak coz dpt jmpa my sayangg...heeee..:D
td da siap salam ngn mama..sbb tggu s smpai..xtawlaa kul brape dia smpai sorang2 kt umah..:( tp bfore mama g keja td sempatlaa mama bg duit.. heee tu yg i tggu2 sgt tu.. tp sempat jugaklaa mama berpesan yg berbunyi.." duit mama bg ni jimat2..jgn beli handbag,beli jam,beli baju etc.. ayu ni bkn bleh kira.. ade duit skit mulalaa nk boros.." hehehehe.. aku senyum je.. smbil menjwab.. ok ma.. jgn bimbang..hehehe..

emm tu jelaa untuk pgi ni..nk packing2 brg jap..

Sunday, September 12, 2010

4th raya..

yuhuu... today was super duper excited..~ yeayyy.. y?
bcoz aku jmpa smua sepupu2 belah papa yg da lama sgt xjmpa ok..
OMG.. mmg smua da bsar.. n handsome yg amat.. hahaha~
emm yg da ada anak pun ade..comel2..aku ni dalaa mmg shuke budak2..
tp mula2 cam segan gak coz da lama gle xjmpa diorng..
lama2 oklaa..:)) mmg happy laa today.. bru rasa suasana hari raya..
mklumlaa aku ni bkn rmai sedara n sepupu pun..belah mama berapa kerat sgt..yg ada pown kecik2..mane best nak story mory kannn..
at first nak borak lama lgi ngn diorng..mklumlaa da lama diorng kena balik..
maybe ptg ni plak aku g umah diorng..nak main ngn baby..shuke..=)

oklaa nak mandi..da berpeluh gle da ni..

Saturday, September 11, 2010

last day..:) :(

mlm ni last kat kampung..tmorow will be back to trg..;)
emm xtaw smada hapy or sedey..dua2 kowt..
happy sbb dpt raya kat umah sdiri..sedey maybe sbb nk tggalkan nenek kt cni..happy jugak balik cni xkn nk duk cni smpai abis cuti kot..mereng dibuatnya..raya ni bnyk gak la dpt duit ry..tu pown dri mkcik2..hehehe..xpelaa merasa gk kan duit ray..hoyeayy!! he3..mlm ni kena tdo awl skit coz esk nak drive..hopefully everything ok..! pray for my journey okay..~ ♡

i miss my baby..:( cant wait to see u..

Friday, September 10, 2010

2nd day of raya..=)

hrini xde g mane2 kowt..nk g umah kwn2 pun kwan2 smua kt trg..kt cni sape je ade..
mksedare pun xrmai..
maybe ptg ni g umah mksdare belah mama kot..xtaula nk pgil mksedare ke ade relation la..huuuu~yg penting esk balik trg..yeayy~ xsbar..

smpai trg of coz laa g jmpa kwn2 yg da lama xjmpa kan..will catch up with u guys..
mlm ni kena tdo awl coz esk pgi nk kena drive blik trg..pray for me yaa..


Wednesday, June 30, 2010

its the day after today~

esk pagi da nak balik s.alam..sedeyy nak tgal mama but i have to..=((
brg2 smua da packing..kereta pn da servis..
esk papa n kak ina hntr aku tp papa stay kat kl..hnya aku n kak ina jela smpai s.alam..
n student life will begin nexweek..oh tidaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkkkkk~
serius aku xde mood..but this is my last semester for dgree..i want a good pointer for this final year..insyaAllah~ amin..
now pkul 9pagi..less than 24hours nk bertolak..mata ngntuk but now sedar awl gle even ngah period..nk tdo pn xleh daa...xtaw pesal..

Saturday, June 19, 2010

todays like n unlike..!!

hrini g bank ngn mama..buat maybank card..
but before g i must asked for the permission from abgku sayang..
aku ckplaa nk teman mama g bank then dia pkir bukan2 lak..
yelaa dia ckp tkut aku jmpa org laen..mane ada okay!!
cmni cite die..kat ofis mama aku tu ada sorang mamat polis ni suka kat aku..wth!!
aku bkn suke dia pn..penahla mamat ni col aku dlu..upanya dia pn ex-uitm melaka dlu..wut a small world..patutla masa family day hritu aku cm penah tgk muka dia..
seriously aku xminat pn mama mcm suka sgt dia..apa yg menarik sgt pn aku xtaw la..dalaa tggi cam galah..hahaha!
aku pn apa agi buat bodo jelaa..dia col pn aku xangkat da skang..haa lantak aa..
aku kalau da xsuka jgn pksa laa..lgi aku xsuka! lgi benci n menyampah..
lgpun buat pe..aku da ada org yg pling aku sayang..aku xnk org lain..
p/s: kalau mama suka sgt,mama jelaa amik.. heeeee~ :D

Father's Day..

happy father's day btw.. tmorow rite?
but people said today..
but it doesn't matter coz my love to yu is everyday,everymoment,n every second am breathing..
stay health please pa..! i noe u felt unwell lately ni.. yaa maybe seems like i dont care bout yu but im realyy concern bout ur health pa! u must noe that.. when looking at u am feel so pity but i can do nothing juz can pray for u loads..thats all i can do..moga papa sentiasa ceria,sihat n happy yaa..:)

no present for yu pa for ur special day.. but am so proud to be ur daughter.. always..XX
nothing can separated us except death..

Friday, June 18, 2010

not in a good mood

sigh.. today felt so unwell..
xtawlaa knp..fkiran serabut sgt.. demam, selsema smua ada.. argghhh!!! tension weyh!
i got 2more weeks to stay at home..then go back to s.alam..
sukeee coz dpt jmpa my sayang...auwww...~ hee..(gelak gatal) missing him loads okayy!!

smlm juz cutting my hair short.. yaa i like it so much coz da rimas sgt ngn rmbut lama..
sekali sekala rmbut pendek apa salahnyaa kan kan kan.. cantek ape..kekeke..
cam biasalaa mama la yg teman aku..aku mane ade kwn..ble agi nk manja2 ngn mama..
nti nk blik s.alam daaa..:((

im so new in this creating blog*sigh*

hellow peeps..! :)
well i guess its so interesting to created my own bloged..
im now as a blogger..yeahh~ nothing much to say here but im quite surprised coz its damn much fun to have my own i can wrote,share,xpress my feelin, even no one noe that i have this cute diary..maybe ill share with u guys very soon..:) juz be patient yaa..

today i have nothing to say..juz a lil bit bout myself..
people keep calling me AYU..haha..i donnoe since when..but my granny give that name to me..until now people keep callin me with that name..actually my real name is NUR AMALINA..everytime people asked me y they call me AYU? huhh im so damn freaking tired to answer that cepumas question..hahaha..but its okayy guys..ill answer it patiently..(ikhlas ke) now taking degree in tourim stream..emm its quite fun learning this subject..
y..? emm maybe bcoz i suka melancong kowt..hahaha..but its quite fun n enjoyble i tell yu coz yu can know a lot of interesting places n have an opportunity to i done bfore..
being an UITM students makes me proud many knowledge i gain there even my pointer like biasa2..but i dont care..!! DL? da penah dpt daa...even skali pon ckuplaa..i noe myself better..:)) but i will try harder..

well i gtg..see ya soon..mwahxx!!