Friday, June 18, 2010

im so new in this creating blog*sigh*

hellow peeps..! :)
well i guess its so interesting to created my own bloged..
im now as a blogger..yeahh~ nothing much to say here but im quite surprised coz its damn much fun to have my own i can wrote,share,xpress my feelin, even no one noe that i have this cute diary..maybe ill share with u guys very soon..:) juz be patient yaa..

today i have nothing to say..juz a lil bit bout myself..
people keep calling me AYU..haha..i donnoe since when..but my granny give that name to me..until now people keep callin me with that name..actually my real name is NUR AMALINA..everytime people asked me y they call me AYU? huhh im so damn freaking tired to answer that cepumas question..hahaha..but its okayy guys..ill answer it patiently..(ikhlas ke) now taking degree in tourim stream..emm its quite fun learning this subject..
y..? emm maybe bcoz i suka melancong kowt..hahaha..but its quite fun n enjoyble i tell yu coz yu can know a lot of interesting places n have an opportunity to i done bfore..
being an UITM students makes me proud many knowledge i gain there even my pointer like biasa2..but i dont care..!! DL? da penah dpt daa...even skali pon ckuplaa..i noe myself better..:)) but i will try harder..

well i gtg..see ya soon..mwahxx!!

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