Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Hyee peepss..~ sowryy for not keeping up with updates.. :) Its been a crazy week with nothing to do.. hahaha.. Well im still seeking for the jobs n try to find the right one.. Its quite tough.. :( Today activities is nothing.. Just went to see my bestie.. Her nama is Ina or I called her Na.. hehe.. Tqsm for the lunch.. Happy plus excited when meeting u today.. Its remind me when we both register un UiTM Melaka.. Never thought that my roomate also from Trganu n am lucky to have u as my roomate.. hahaha.. Ohh its reminds me alot.. Even our relation become worst at the end but we try to managed it kan.. Im just forgot all the pass that happened between us.. Its just a bad memories to remember.. People change rite.. so do I.. n yes Im feel better now.. ;))

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