Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Morning.. :)
Supposed pagi2 ni smbung tdow but mcm xley tdow.. hoho..
So I think its better to me to keep updating my blog.. Blogging time** :D yuhuuuu~
Well today actually rs happy semacam.. haha.. U guys noe wut?? my Mr.S is here!! He is in Trg rite now.. waaa excited gle ni.. 
Cant wait to see him todayy.. awwww.. hahaha.. 
Tq baby.. I Love u..
Ermm tp Trg xtau nak lepak mana.. Mall? movie? hmm.. jgn haraplaa kan~
Xpelaa as long dpat jmpa yg tersayang.. haha

Oklaaa.. yg tu je kot nak bgtaw.. hahaha..
Will update later~ 
Love u.. mwahhxx!

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