Saturday, December 18, 2010

A very special dinner..

Morning everyone.. :)
Hopefully today will be a gracious day with full of happiness and joyfull.. InsyaAllah..

Last nite I'm just had my very special dinner with my love one..
Even its just a simple dinner but I has enjoyed damn much..
Tq for bring me there sayang..
Emm time dinner tu byklaa perkara yg kitorng borak..
As usual laa he will make jokes as he can.. hahahaha.. 
And me? Im just loughing every moment and second.. 
Every words that comes from u always a jokes.. (sometimes)
But people will not recognize u when u getting mad.. (fuhh aku sdri takut).. xdpt nk byg~~
And u noe what sayang..? Even ur jokes sometimes xmsuk akal but benda2 cmnilaa wat aku selalu happy dan senyum.. 
U always trying to makes me happy.. and YES, Im so happy to become one special part in ur life.. :)
Even perbezaan umur kita agak jauh but it doesnt mean that I cant love u rite..??
I know people always keep talking about us but I dont care..
I beleive that Allah know what is the best for His servant.. and aku anggap ni mungkin takdir aku.. aku redha.. 
And alhamdullilah we are still together for 6years rite.. ;) 
Even terlalu banyak sgt dugaan tp alhamdulillah jugak kita berjaya hadapi smua tu..
Prince of my heart

Dan harini he will be back to KL.. :(
Plzz dun leave me sayang.. :(
Im still need u here..
But whatver pun, Im always pray for u..
May u have a safe journey today my dear..
My doa always be with u.. Amin.. ~

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