Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Activate back~

Hye..:) me come back.. after all, i think i cant afford my self to stop blogging..
feel like incomplete coz i like writing damn much even i knw its not even good at all..~ but nvm..

Well ive story to share with u guys~
its about WORKK... ~ yesss workingg..
to be frank, im not that ready to work and become a worker!! arghhh..
but i have to.. i cant just sit at home, look and wait what will happened next..
so whatever it is i have to work.. further study?? maybe not at this time.. 
many of my friends said that work is much more stress n pressure more than we thought.. 
is that true??
it makes me think twice to work.. am i ready to work?? am i ready to accept all the criticsm? am i ready with the new environment? new people? new friends?? am i strong enough??
nobody can answer my question rite.. only me knw the answer.. yes only me..

Hopefullt everything will going easy n smoothly this upcoming monday.. insyaAllah..
Nervous? absolutely true..
Excited? of course
Cant wait? yupp, especially for my 1st salary..
Ya Allah permudahkanlah segalanyaa.. insyaAllah..


  1. wah nice blog...comey cam orgnye...hehe...
    meh kite berinteraksi kat sini lok..hehe..luvv u =)

  2. hehe.. faz comel gopp~
    jom2.. ayu activate blik coz faz ada blog gk..
    nk blogging2 ngn faz.. heee