Friday, November 12, 2010

Its been a while..

Assalamualaikum.. da lama sgt rasanya xupdate blog ni.. lately ni busy sgt.. now bru lepas dri segala seksaan dan penderitaan.. syukur alhamdulillah ya Allah.. akhirnya aku berjaya menamatkan pengajianku selama 5tahun di UiTM.. yaa rasa bngga jugak sbb aku smpai di tahap sekarang.. Alhamdulillah.. :) Hopefully i will pass all the subject n can be UiTM Alumni for the 2nd time.. 

Tapi dlm masa yg sama rasa sedih n sayu sgt nak tinggalkan UiTM, kwn2 susah n senang, lecturer2 yg sudi bagi tunjuk ajar.. It will be my precious moment in my life.. from 18 to 23 being students of UiTM, it teach me a lot.. so much experience ive got here.. tq UiTM.. UiTM dihatiku.. im proud to be ur Alumni.. :) forever 

And paling sedih sbb terpaksa berjauhan dgn org yg sgt aku sayang.. Syed Shukran Sy. Muhammad.. dear, u know how much i love u.. how much i need u in mylife.. how u treat me, how u smile, how u touch my hand, how u trying to make me smile, how u deliver ur jokes to me, how u taking care of me for almost 6years, how u trying not making me sad, how u want to see me happy, and how u look at me with full of love, i can see in ur eyes.. all these will be my best memories in my life.. would be the one that i will not forgot.. would be something that would be remembered always.. almost a nite u come here, going out with u, spent time with u.. I will miss all this.. seriously.. :'(( im crying now.. oh my.. im too missing and loving u sayang.. :'((

IF U READ THIS, I WANT U TO KNOW THAT I LOVE U SO MUCH.. nothing would change my love to u..

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