Monday, November 15, 2010

finishing school.. yeayy

salam semua.. :)
Module Session
today was a very2 bad day for me.. need to wake up early.. n need to attend finishing school.. mmg best sgt..(dlm hati xpun actually) hehehe.. xpela since it was my last module kan.. lpas ni da xleh attend da benda2 cmni sbb after this no more student life.. so selagi ada program cmni better enjoy je laa.. happy ke, bosan ke, malas ke, its not the point.. hahaha.. ye2 je aku.. kekekeke~ but it was an awesome session which lots of info ive gained.. how to prepare ourself when interview, how to answer question, how to managed ourself in front of interviewer,what costume is suitable,what to bring when interview, etc.. its quite interesting since ive no experience on it.. so i take it as an opportunity to make myself better.. insyaAllah.. hope to find good job later.. :)

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