Thursday, October 07, 2010


fuhh.. now i can smile.. :)
presentation td oklaa.. even it have mistakes but its ok..
nsib lecturer baik hrini..
just 3presenter today coz yg sorang lgi tu demam..
so nk xnk aku kena present part dia..
report submission?? of coz la budak yg xdtg tu kena siapkan..
fair la kan..nexweek just got 1 more presentation..
n stdy leave.. how time flies kan?? tup2 nak grad da aku..
alhamdulillah aku berjaya hbiskan degree ni..insyaAllah..:)
susah payah aku selama ni xlama lagi akan berakhir..
n again, im become UiTM alumni.. glad to be UiTM students..lots of thing ive learnt here.. frends,life,ups n down,backstabber..yeaa it have own silver lining maybe..hope to end up all this with smile..")

mama,papa..thnx coz always support me..
n my very appreciated all things that uve done to me..since from diploma untill now..u always be my side..always gives a full support according my problems..frens especially..n almost 6years..u be with me..u makes me feel so special in the world..u cheer up mylife n every moment u make me feel so special..i love yu so much..n i want u to be my special one in mylife..insyaAllah..amin..

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