Sunday, May 08, 2011


Im back updating my blogg.. its been ages i never wrote on this box.. quite busy wit all those workkk.. *sigh*
Too many things to wrote, share n storyy.. 
Happy, sad, are all included in my life..
but lucky me bcoz im still having people that love me, care of me yet miss me i guess.. huhu

well, at this moment i would like to wish HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to my lovely mom..
bcoz of u im here..
bcoz of u im breathing untill now..
bcoz of u i can see n feel this beautiful world creation..
tq so much mama..
ayu rindu kt mama sgt2.. Tuhan je tau..
klau mama baca ni, ayu nak mama tau ayu ada mama je dalam dunia nii..
maa.. ayu tgh runsing skrg nii.. ayu xtau pilihan yg ayu buat ni btul or x..
ayu xtau apa yg ayu rasa skrg nii..
ayu xtau apa yg perlu ayu buatt.. klaulaa mama ada kt cni, ayu nak peluk mama dan nangis sepuasnyaa..

im too missing u right noww.. 
how i wish u read this mama..

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