Monday, May 16, 2011

My big dayy.. ♥ ♥

it was my big dayy ever in my lifee.. :)
not my wedding yet engagement.. but it was my Convocation Dayy..
Now i become a Degree Holder in Tourism Managament.. Bsc (Hons) in Tourism Management!
yess i proud to be myself now!! n I really2 did it..
Syukur alhamdulillah.. penat lelah selama 5tahun ni, dpt gak aku segulung ijazahh.. 
tq mama, tq papa, n tq sayang for everythingg.. these achivement is just for u guyss.. :))
U guys are my strength n my shoulder whenver i need it..

Special thankss to UiTM.. im very2 proud to be UiTM Alumni..
5years is just fly awayy.. time is not waiting us..
but deeply in my heart, UiTM is the best..
too many thingy ive learn, experienced!
one part that i will not forgot when we together in the hall singing the UiTM songss! 
its was the last session before we become an UiTM Alumni.. sumpah nak nangisss time tuuu!!!  :( sedeyyy gileeee babii!!!
OMG.. its remind me when im was 1st time register at UiTM..
we have been forced by SENIOR to sing this song veryy well.. 
the melody, tones n everythingg~
and now i missed to singing that song! teardropss now.. :'((
tq UITM. uitm dihatiku.. always and forever!!!..  ♥  ♥ 

naaa ni pic2 yg sempat aku ambik time convo hrituu.. too memorable!!

papa nak jdi speakerrrr kee haaa?? hahaha.. luv u paa!
tq sayang for cominggg... i love u alwayss!!
wany, aunty zie, sayang, me n papa! love u guyss!!
wit papa sayanggg! im ur daughterrr always n ever!!
aunty ziee.. costume changing! gives her chance to wear it that jubah! haha.. sporting gle laa!!
and me!!! :)) 
Nur Amalina Abd Aziz *

thatss all from me guyss! will update u very soon
gtg noww!
lovess huggss n kissess..
  ♥   ♥   ♥