Monday, February 07, 2011

Working mode

Hello everybody...
da lama xupdate blog.. nk kata busy,busy la jgak.. hehe.. keja laa sgt kann.. haha.. maybe xrs nk bercerita kowt.. now bru rs nk share something even aku xsure ada org bc or x entry aku ni.. haha! aku just nk story psal keja aku skg je.. just wanna share wit u guys.. :)

Well almost 3weeks ive been working at Saudi Airlines.. :)
And it was a great experience ive had in my entire life since i hv no working experience bfore.. try to accept all positive n negative thinking..:))
It was my best oppurtunity even lots of new things ive to learn..
But its okay.. i will take as my 1st platform to learn more..
All the skills ive applied here when i was taking my degree in tourism management.. how to make reservation, how to issue the ticket, how to deal with customer on the phone, how to gives a good service to them, how to solve a problem regarding their flight.. n everything.. im happy with it even ive quite slow on hw to make reservation.. the system is sometimes was suck!! 
Its too early to learn many new things.. rite?? haha
plus keja2 admin.. keja admin no problem at all.. i can handle it.. :)
But yg xbest org arab sgt2 fussy! but its okay.. all of them are our customer.. how fussy they are, customer is always rite.. :)
Just gives a good service n gives what they want n request, it would be more better rite.. good explanation will makes they felt so calm.. (based on my experience) hehehe~

Tmorow bos nk jmpa.. xtawlaa dia nk ckp apa..
Hopefully everything was just fine..:)hehe..

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